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Dried Morels

Queen of the edible mushrooms

The Morel is seen as the queen among edible mushrooms. Due to the taste it counts to the most expensive as well as most luxurious edible mushrooms. They can grow between three and 15 centimetres tall. However, half of the size is taken by the oval head of the mushroom.

Ideal Growing Conditions

We obtain our Morels from Patagonia, an area that lays partly in the Andes and has several climatic zones from steppe to subarctic. Among those there are also zones that offer the perfect growing conditions for this type of fungus.

Handpicked Products

During harvest, which is mainly in spring, the Morels are cut at the bottom of their stems and dried during the night in ovens. This process results in a reduction of mass to only a tenth of the original weight. After the drying process the stems are removed and the potential products are selected by hand. When the Morels reach Germany they have to undergo a CO2 disinfestation in order to to prevent natural hazards.

Details to our products

  • Product size: 2-5 cm or <2 cm for mini morels
  • Package Content: 5 kg
  • Package units: 13 bags x 5 kg
  • Storage: chill and dry, if possible dark