Our Philosophy

At BioARG GmbH we feel bound to the following five values:


We love our natural products! Orange Peels and Lemongrass, Mate and Vervain, Lemon Peels and Rose Hip – and always true: Quality makes taste.


For exactly this reason we value our premium raw ingredients. In order to sustain a high quality continuously, we do regular quality checks at the farms itself through agricultural experts. Many of our suppliers are certified with the strict HACCP certification.


A trustful relationship to the farmers is of great importance to us. For this reason we regularly communicate with our partners from South America about the situation of the products and even go there personally to assure the quality.


We consult and help the producers in all steps to develop themselves and the production process. This starts with sowing, over creating a harvest plan and the harvest process itself, up to the packaging of the raw materials and logistics. Moreover, we also support our producers in a financial way.


The trust of our consumers is very important to us. For this reason the quality of the raw materials is also regularly checked through internal tests and accredited external laboratories. Reference samples are of course stored according to a proper batch tracing procedure.